The Best Shotlist Template

Today I present you with a tutorial where I show you an easy way to create a shotlist template for your films with amazing collaboration capabilities on Google Docs. I have looked around the internet for ages to find a suitable shotlist template for my needs. Eventually, I gave up and decided to create my own. I used Google Documents because it allowed for great collaboration capabilities with my Director of Photography and First Assistant Director.

Was this helpful? How do you make your shotlist? Are there certain things that really help you out during production? Let me know in the comments below.

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My name is George. Instead of talking about myself I will simply introduce you to the purpose and future goals of this website.

Briefly, I started with photography and went on to pursue a college career of film, however, theatre has always been my first love.

The purpose for this portfolio is to display my work and to document my process of the journey I take to becoming a part-time portrait photographer. The goal is to eventually be able to write articles which will hopefully inspire and instruct other photographers. I also hope to expand my work arsenal in order to attract more clients.

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