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My name is George. Instead of talking about myself I will simply introduce you to the purpose and future goals of this website.

Briefly, I started with photography and went on to pursue a college career of film, however, theatre has always been my first love.

The purpose for this portfolio is to display my work and to document my process of the journey I take to becoming a part-time portrait photographer. The goal is to eventually be able to write articles which will hopefully inspire and instruct other photographers. I also hope to expand my work arsenal in order to attract more clients.

Join me in my trolley as I ride on the tracks of risk and excitement.

George VK

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George V.K.

Born in Almaty, Kazakhstan in 1990; moved to Denver, Colorado 11 years later and became interested in the art of filmmaking soon after. He is pursuing a career as a Director of Photography while having the privilege to lead the very talented Perplexity Pictures team alongside his partner, Sinjin Jones.

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